Our Warranty

Yard-O-Leds carry a lifetime warranty (click here to see our warranty).   We honour our warranty and repair our products unconditionally.  We are able to repair most of our products regardless of age. In rare instances we may no longer have parts needed to repair a vintage Yard O Led.  If this is the case, we will contact you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for turnaround on your repair as we are a small company.

If your Yard-O-Led needs attention, please send it to the following address:  Repairs at Yard- O-Led, Unit 12, 15 - 17 Regent Place, B1 3NL.  We will repair it, free of charge, and send it back to you.   

Please include in your package:  your name, physical address, email address, and telephone number (in case we need to contact you).  If there is additional information that you feel would be helpful to us, please include it too.   

It is up to you whether to track and/or insure your inbound package (we recommend the former). 

If you are sending your Yard-O-Led to us from outside the EU, please contact an international shipper to make sure you comply with any applicable customs rules (or your package may be returned to you without reaching us). We are unable to assist with customs issues or any charges incurred in sending your Yard-O-Led to us. 

We will send your repaired Yard O Led back to you via tracked Royal Mail (UK/EU) and via DHL (for international shipments only).  We do not insure return packages (but do have a tracking number). 

A note about nibs: we will replace a nib that is defective or damaged on reaching you, as long as you send it to us with your original purchase documentation. Pleases send your pen with proof of purchase to 'Repairs' at the address above. We will exchange the nib unit free of charge.

Our warranty does not cover defects or damage as a result of misuse, neglect, accidental damage or reasonable wear and tear of normal use (which will be determined by us). If you have damaged your nib and would like us to repair it, we charge £100; please send a cheque payable to 'Imperial Yard Limited' along with your pen and we will fit a new nib unit.

Please also note, we do not have a nib exchange policy for new pens. Please ensure you have made the correct nib choice when purchasing the product. If you are unsure which of our nibs will best fit your needs, please visit one of our stockists to try them prior to making a purchase.

If you require nib grinding or another kind of nib specialisation, you can contact John Sarowka, independent nib specialist:   j.f.sorowka@googlemail.com.

For other (non-warranty or repair) questions, please email us: sales@Yard-o-led.co.uk


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